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Select the best fit for you and your family


This one hour session is adequate for when your baby's sleep needs a little tweaking, and minor adjustments need to be made.
Also, this session can be used to provide education when preparing for a newborn and you want to learn techniques to best set you and your baby up for healthy sleep. 
We address, and educate you on what a healthy foundation for sleep looks like, in order to avoid possible issues down the road.


Week Long Support provides a one hour single session, as well as in the moment support with communication through the week. Make note of how night sleep and naps are going, and daily reviews and adjustments are made as needed through the week. This is great for when one hour is just not enough. We address and try to establish a solid foundation for healthy sleep in our one hour session, and then implement them through the week. This support is often needed with the frustration of lack of sleep as new habits are being reinforced.


Sleep can often be complicated by things such as illnesses, siblings - whether it be older or newborn siblings, multiple birth, regressions, progressions, changes at home, or in the family, parent going back to work, change of schedule, and so many other things. Many times the habits that we are trying to change took a very long time to form, and will need a little bit longer to adjust. That is when one hour or even a week or two is not enough. 
A one month session is good for times when there are a lot of areas that need to be addressed. In situations like this, as you make difficult adjustments, additional support is needed for the best long term result.

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