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Our Story

Sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

At Baby Love, we help families to prioritize sleep because is it a necessity and is imperative to better health! My experience of working closely with children over the past 25 years in the medical field, has given me the opportunity to observe how proper sleep affects healing, wellness, and the ability to learn and function adequately. This led me to pursue my study of sleep science and sleep behavior. Combining the science of sleep , with my knowledge and experience in the medical field, makes me eager and excited to teach families how to use sleep to set up a proper foundation for healing, better learning, and overall wellness. 

Those who are able to sleep well, have better over all health, better ability to heal physically, mentally, physiologically, and otherwise. Healthy sleepers are generally more productive when awake, than those who do not sleep well. Lack of sleep exacerbates illnesses and disease processes. My years of experience as a hospital medical/surgical nurse, also many years caring for special needs children, as well as thirteen years as a school nurse of elementary aged children, has given me an up close look at the major impact that proper sleep, as well as poor sleep, has on how we learn and function.

My goal is to help families get healthy sleep, as well as provide education regarding sleep and how it impacts learning and health.

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